The Empassioned Eye

Lenore Burton’s passion for photography, combined with her uniquely discerning eye, results in images that capture the viewers’ attention and imagination. Whether she’s using her macro lens to catch luminous dewdrops on a blade of grass or to record special events such as weddings, her years of experience and fine art training are apparent in her photos.

Lenore works in both black and white and colour. Production of final photos is done in her studio where she enjoys experimenting with different papers to achieve excellent texture and finishes for the images. Since turning her passion into a business, she has also become a reporter. Her enjoyment of people is evident as she uses the camera to record her community’s life. Her work has been featured in many Georgian Bay magazines.

“Simplicity is the key in photography,” she says and she follows this maxim, at times converting colour to black and white to best illustrate the subject.

She is expanding her fields of interest and is starting a new venture: creating artists’ portfolios. Lenore will photograph work for the portfolio, prepare the artist’s statement as well as a resume, and produce a professional product, ready for the artist to present to a potential client.

Creative and thoughtful photography, carried out with good humour and great attention to detail and quality is the norm for this photographic artist’s work.